Scientific and Production Association “Alpha Smart Systems”

Is an international developer of robots and robotized ecosystem, innovative solutions and artificial intelligence. Our company – is the professional Development Department, we can fulfill orders of any complexity and also solve customer’s problems in the field of artificial intelligence, electrical engineering and automation, and particularly in the field of robotics. The development of robots, the development of intelligent systems, emotion recognition, facial recognition and the psycho-physical state of the person.

Our Mission.

Through our technology and inventions to improve the quality of life and increase production above the level of consumption. Present to people innovative automated and robotized solutions as part of normal everyday life, designed to protect and simplify human everyday life, new directions in the field of entertainment and through that we will free humans from the routine. We want to protect people from fraud, unauthorized persons, terrorists, as well as from individuals with deviant and delinquent behavior. Make this world safer and up to date…