Englishman Kane Kramer Inventor of the iPod has joined the team of Alpha Smart Systems

  Kane Nicholas Kramer. Inventor of the iPod. Chairman of  British Inventors Society

In Alpha Smart Systems Ltd.

A foreign specialist, mentor and advisor of the project«Human Reader» in “Alpha Smart Systems.”
Participation in the development of innovative products, coordination of the company’s  activity and relationship with foreign companies and investors.

The invention of digital player
In 1981, Kramer, registered in England 2115996 patent on the digital music player IXI. It was published in 1985, and two years later, a similar publication took place in the United States. The player was the size of a credit card, had a LCD-screen, navigation buttons and volume controls. The amount of memory, based on cylindrical magnetic domains, was 8 MB. That was enough for recordings of the total duration of 3.5 minutes. It was made 5 working prototypes, and one of them was presented at a trade show in October 1986. According to reports, Kramer earned 60,000,000 pounds in the production of digital music players. For this reason, it is not extended the patent on «IXI», and soon the idea of ​​Kramer became public.

Downloadable Music
The original report on the “IXI” also contained a detailed description of the music download service via telephone lines. According to Kramer, the freedom from the limitations and high cost of physical media will provide customers with more music in a short period of time. The system proposed by Kramer, also allows you to broadcast programs and various data.

Activities Today
The work of Kramer today is associated with high technology. His latest project “Monicall” is a service of the dial, through which the conversation is held together by law. Kramer also said that he plans to do away with copyright infringement, but no information about the project yet.

Alpha Smart Systems is the finalists of the Plug and Play Startup Competition!

Alpha Smart Systems is the finalists of the Plug and Play Startup Competition!

Plug and Play Tech Center
U.S. business incubator Plug and Play starts work in Russia
13/10/2011 MOSCOW, October 13

Plug and Play Tech Center, a U.S. business incubator embracing Silicon Valley technology startup companies, has launched operations in Russia and selected its first five Russian startups.

September 30 took place Feedback from Greenfield Project

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Traditionally Feedback – an event where the authors show their projects already launched or are aboutready to enter the market. Invited experts and the public to discuss, ask questions, express wishes.This is the feedback (English) – “feedback”.Feedback on last discussed: search service and car rental Rentoo, social news platform Curia, an educational project “Rolls do not grow on trees,”Internet service that allows you to order customizablegranola and chocolate, MixVille and system testingof applicants from the Alpha Smart Systems. Feel free to tag people you know!

Innovation Forum of Saint – Petersburg

September 29, the second day of the Forum, Technopark “Ingria” signed a cooperation agreement with Innovative Technopark “Idea-South-East.” The parties plan to organize a comfortable transfer of technologies between residents of two parks. In the near future partners will have the first implementation of projects under the agreement. On the same day Technopark organized a conference “The Evolution of robots: from industry to daily life.”The event was attended by over 100 people, and the speakers analyzed the state of robotics in Russia at the present time, and also made an attempt to forecast its development over the next decade. We considered a variety of areas from robotics industrial robots and unmanned aerial vehicles, to household robots and exoskeletons. As the speakers were representatives from companies such as RTC, Alpha Smart Systems, 3D technology, Bigrobot and others.

September 30 Business Incubator “Ingria” held at the stand of the discussion on “Startups: life after the investment,” where several residents of the incubator have attracted investment, shared their experiences of development projects in the post-stage. After discussion in the presentation area of ​​the Forum was a traditional StartupLynch, where before the consultants presented the Business Incubator projects of the company applying for the status of residents. Among the projects was a video showcase, bezekranny display panoramic video broadcasting, the service for football fans and online service to review.
According to preliminary calculations on all the activities of Technopark Innovation Forum attracted the attention of half of its visitors and participants.



Startup Sauna Warm-up took place In the IT park

Today at the IT park took place an international competition of beginning businessmen and investors.

The event is aimed at finding attractive investment projects, exchange of experience and establishing business contacts between start-ups, investors and mentors. The competition included presentations 28 projects, 18 of whom acted in English, and 10 – in Russian in the Russian section of an individual. The event was organized jointly with the largest incubator of Finland Aalto Venture Garage, so the event was attended by seven experts from Finland, who arrived in Kazan on Saturday.

As a result, the presentation of 18 projects in the English language experts from Aalto chose ten projects: Alpha Smart, SpeakTo, Ratelsis, Karza, Livices, Wipsh, Center Group, Secure Cloud, Celoform, Energolesprom, who for three hourstalking with experts one on one.