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Today is a rare occasion when we publish information about the project had not yet reached the prototype stage.

Investment sought by the authors, need just the technical implementation of the project. In the meantime, the idea aptly titled “Anti-fraud,” waiting in the wings. The authors have shared with us the basic ideas about what it is.

“The verbal channel – it is 7% of the total flow of information that can be evaluated. Typically, the remaining 93% of non-verbal channels are not used, and this leads to an incorrect evaluation of the user and the high probability to cheat the test “- the author informs us of the project, Vladimir Vladimirovich  Belyy.

The system, which offers developers must help the decision-making during the evaluation of personnel for employment. At the heart of it – read the facial reactions of the technology of face and eye of the user. “The system is a psychological portrait of the user based on the analysis of verbal and nonverbal data with an accuracy of 93%. Synthesis method is used inter saccadic  intervals and neurolinguistic scanning eye movements in response to specific tests. As a result, the responsiveness of the test is reduced from 50-60 minutes to 10-15 minutes “, – says Vladimir.

According to the authors, the system will be more than demand, “Anti-fraud” will significantly reduce the cost of HR and HR-agency, and at the same time will reduce staff turnover and leakage of confidential information.

The ideological aspect of the “Anti-fraud” does not end in the title: “The most urgent problem at the moment – anti-corruption authority, and additional features of the system will check the top executives in the decency, honesty and corruption, abuse of authority on the persons having access to money and drafting of major contracts, “- Belyy emphasizes.

All of the above should be added that the “anti-fraud” will be able to act as a lie detector, essentially showing an improved version of it. Investments ($ 200,000) needed for a period of 10-14 months. After the project, the authors say, the sum of its profits in two years should be from 90 to 150 million rubles.The business model includes the sale of packaged solutions, service SaaS, as well as service and maintenance. The financial capacity of the market, as calculated by the creators, is $ 900 million. Check the accuracy of information provided by the authors in two ways – a lie detector, or using the “Anti-fraud.

With the success of the first day of «RoboDays»

August 25, 2011 in the IT park was the first event«RoboDays» – an exciting two-day session devoted to the creation of robotics and artificial intelligence.On the presentation made ​​by the residents of the lecture Business Incubator IT park in Moscow – the team of intelligent robotics «Alpha Smart» Vladimir Belyy and Igor Tomilov, and demonstrated the robot’s own production.

Guests from Moscow to unveil a full-scale anthropomorphic robot in Russia. The basis of all, according to  Belyy , Vladimir, was the choice of areas of life, in which robotic assistance will be needed. “Innovation for innovation – it’s not for us” – note the inventors.

The robots were especially needed in the aerospace and defense industry, where the work is dangerous for the human body, as well as in the field, where the so-called assistants provide support to people with disabilities.