CEO of Alpha Smart Systems Vladimir Belyy confirms the prediction of the leading Western experts about upcoming revolution in robotics . First step would be to replace human electronic mechanisms for fully automated production. In principle, this process takes a long time. Just new devices become more multi-tasking and will have the ability to self-learning . Today tasks are performed on the hard algorithm , which contains the program . Companies have long used robotics in the production of microchips. However , the future for the devices that will be controlled by software , capable of self-learning . When based on concrete actions and correlation of the results obtained . In order to detect errors and inaccuracies . After that action is corrected . Such robots are beginning to emerge . They , in particular, have proven several theorems .
“SP”: – How far advanced scientific thought in the creation of artificial intelligence ?
– Very close . Already for 10 years of the program and the robots are tested under the ” Turing test .” It’s an experiment , when a person communicates serially with another person or with a computer ( program). Moment comes when the subject can not understand who is in front of him . Then he points out in response that people communicate with him . Hence, the ” Turing test ” is passed. Such programs already exist . More of them are in use. In virtual space network has been widely used so-called Chat – bots . These are programs that leave messages on Internet forums . There are times when they ” communicate” with each other. Assuming that communicate with a live person . That is, get answers , ask questions. For example , a year ago Chat – bots have found each other on Twitter or Facebook. So until now, and “communicate” , can not stop. Operators use these programs to make a popular online one or another public figure.
“SP”: – It turns out that such programs today affect the mass consciousness ?
– Without a doubt . And many public figures use it. If the “star” in subscribers over 30 thousand people , it mostly ” stranded ” users .
“SP”: – Is Russia a global revolution in robotics ?
– Our country has long lost this market . And it is unlikely we will be able to catch up. And that means we have to buy new devices in foreign markets. As for anthropomorphic bioengineering , then we still have the opportunity to jump on the bandwagon of the departing train. Although the latter was already moving up and starts to walk away from the platform . Our campaign has been Android- technique. We strive to attract the attention of senior officials. A movement has gone – Skolkovo started to carry out such activities . Ibid experts have developed a website dedicated to the future of robotics. The powers that be do not get scared when they appear at shows something similar. However, the research groups involved in this problem , very little. Immediately I called two or three teams.
“SP”: – Our universities and academic institutions such studies have been carried out ?
– I would not have argued so categorically . Those involved in the MSU and Baumanke and other universities . The same applies to the RAS institutes . The problem is that not enough specialists . The reason is simple – they are not in demand in Russia. Our company is actively seeking footage , we are ” combing ” almost all universities . Almost in specialized circles and sections of people try to discover . And if anyone find it necessary to retrain again. Virtually all government contracts in this area are concentrated in the ” defense industry .” And that, for the most part they are non-recurring . It’s more a PR campaign – to create an experimental model of a single copy for the next exhibition . Our officials clearly other challenges .
“SP”: – In their eyes, robotics is still illiquid exotic ?
– In general case, but , of course, some progress is still there. Today at you is not seen as a mad scientist , when you talk on the subject. On the background of the visible successes of Americans type humanoid robot ATLAS, PETMAN and BigDog ( robot dog for the U.S. military ) .
Renowned writer and futurist writer Maxim Kalashnikov recalled that the process automation and robotics production was active in the Soviet Union . He was forcibly interrupted neoliberal revolution in 1991, which was a criminal- bureaucratic character. And our research and production complex due to man-made subsequent deindustrialization was discarded in this regard for many decades ago. Unfortunately, the process is largely irreversible.
“SP”: – Your opponents argue that the backlog in this area there has been in the Soviet period .
– It is a complete nonsense. In 1989, one in four domestic industrial robot was made in Moscow. At any electromechanical plant in the capital you would see robotic line. Of course , on the level of technology . Generally the first factory for the production of robots was opened in 1945 under Stalin . Now they are not made . But we buy imported equipment . Stories about the extensiveness and manual labor in Soviet industry is part of the liberal “black myth” of the USSR. It was necessary to justify the collapse of a great power.
“SP”: – Is the efforts being made by our government in order to close the gap (now it does not matter when it happened) in the technological race ?
– Medvedev may visit as many ” STANKIN ” but mass production has already been killed . Now we have to buy imported robots. Here the problem of technological sovereignty. Given that some of these devices can be blocked. Then do not understand how to allow foreign experts to maintenance of the equipment that runs on the MIC. Next there is another question , and that , in fact, we’re going to robotization ? In principle, after the neoliberal “cleansing” we could build a robot industry from scratch. It would be much more productive . This is especially true in light of demographic and labor shortages . But first, acute shortage of personnel , and secondly , the lack of an industrial base . Soviet specialists that you do not have the same collective ” Sleeping Beauty “, which for the time being numb in suspended animation . Many experts have either died or have moved disqualified in other areas
“SP”: – What is fraught situation if Russia remains one of the outsiders in the world market of robots ?
– The consequences can be very unpredictable . Look at what scientists have achieved in the West. There already regenerated cornea with stem cells , there is a mass production robotics . However , in the western Russian companies are quite different. Establish joint venture for drilling and oil and gas. Everything revolves around the raw materials and hydrocarbons. For all 34 critical technologies we there has been a terrible lag. The USSR played with the United States ” in the same league .” Yes, we could keep a little something , but they were in the first division of Technology . Today, the Russian Federation , figuratively speaking , this ” neighborhood teams ” and we’re up against , ” Brazil’s national team .” Naturally, in the case of growth lag case can only end in the collapse of the country. Moreover, due to objective reasons . Our vast territory ” rastaschat ” purely economic , as in the era of energy-saving technologies raw lose its significance . Our geopolitical opponents will ” deserted ” flexible production. In parallel, the biotechnology revolution will occur . One of the consequences of which may be the emergence of long-lived caste rulers. Our elite for access to immortality itself will present Russia ” on a silver platter .”
“SP”: – Would the emergence of such technologies to the implementation of the Social Darwinist scenarios?
– Robotic plus revolution in nano and biotechnology , and the emergence of long-lived race of rulers may lead to a new caste society headed by Undying race. The main threat is that in the world , it is possible to be installed really Social – Darwinist , the caste system . And at the core of the capitalist system. In this situation, 80 % of the population will be “superfluous .” They are simply not needed.
“SP”: – Is there a positive alternative to this technocratic dystopia ?
– Only when you switch to the communist system . In which will be hard to thwart any attempts by the elite of society to establish its monopoly on the disposal of new technologies. It will also require to allocate huge resources to retrain people for their total education and the creation of entirely new fields of activity. If the current order , psychology elite , as well as an economic model , we arrive at the conclusion that many people will simply become “superfluous” . Turned into pariahs , which exist only by the grace of the ruler. However, as I have said , we should not demonize the new technologies – their implications depend on the general social and political context .