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    Humanoid AlphaBot – Created to Replace You at Dirty Work…

    The first series of robot will be small – 5-10 pieces. About that much pre-orders got our company. Some “personal assistants” are going to buy rich individuals. Two robots in various modifications (on the legs and a mobile platform) have been ordered by Viktor Vekselberg for “Skolkovo”. Now we are discussing the functional load of the robot – what can we trust them to do: to clean up the floor or serve the buffet table. According to Bely “Skolkovo” needs robots for the image mostly.

    After all, who else but a robot, is now the embodiment of the technological revolution?

    “There is not so much tangible Innovation that you can meet in Skolkovo – says Mr. Belyy.
    – For example, all that relates to the nano, not visible for the human eye. However, the robots themselves still need the promotion, because this market only starts. Attitude to the household robots as to expensive and prestigious toys is quite natural – and young manufacturing companies can use it. No accident the first use of spectacular anthropomorphic robots – is to serve “exhibition part”, emphasizing the technological advancement of the owner. So, the first pieces of large robots from “Android Technique” have been acquired by Russian Railways (for the railway museum) and by “Uralvagonzavod” (for exhibitions). But the situation will not remain so for a long time.

    Soon, according to Belyy robots must move beyond a narrow “specialization” – the military and entertainment use. Scope of the robots is boundless. In the near future robots will enter our hoses to make it comfortable. And then it goes on shopping centers, airports, railway stations, schools, hotels and museums. Attempts of our colleagues from other companies to give the robot a maximum similarity with the person Vladimir Belyy finds meaningless. “In terms of appearance the robot should be like an household appliance, though beautiful and glossy. Full simulation of human irrelevant here: people will always reject it on an intuitive level, there is a lot of research about that”. Imitation of intelligence – is quite another matter.

    The development of artificial intelligence in “Alpha Smart Systems” even separate area, which has already received several grants, including those from Microsoft. Now Vladimir Belyy is very passionate about the creation of the system of recognition of human emotions. “One day – he says – I needed for the project to hire new staff, but I got sick and could not attend the interview. Then I asked my assistant to talk to the candidates instead of me, and I watched the whole process through the Skype. Evaluating the reaction of competitors to the various questions, I realized that we can the same the computer. “So there was a project Human Reader. Interestingly, the request to use such product after numerous presentations of the project came from areas far from the robotics. Now Belyy is negotiating to collaboration with the corporation Samsung. There interested in the idea of ​​using technology in televisions with the Smart TV and other devices. “Close the time when the TV can be turned on with a wave of hands without the remote, and the program it will select itself, depending on the mood of the owner.”

    One of the first orders the company performs for a Russian bank, wishing to automate the process of assessing clients on micro crediting. Customer flow is high, amounts are small, so you can at least partially entrust scoring to the machine. So far the product is far from mass production, individual orders, but very soon Belyy expects massive demand, which is confirmed by requests from the market. “This is not a lie detector, it is rather the detector of truth – he explains. – From its predecessor, it is different, and does not require the presence of an operator who makes his human errors. Vladimir saw another niche, which promises to be challenging. The fact that the various parts of the robot – for example, arms and legs as well as “technical vision” (eyes) – would be useful to people with disabilities.

    “With the first batch of robots, we will begin testing this project – expects entrepreneur. – We will work with people with disabilities who receive our free devices, and we will able to do the research. ” Vladimir Belyy is sure that every year the robots will be closer to the end consumer, freeing up the “human factor” for a more intellectual and creative tasks. In his opinion, the physical labor in the near future gets the status of a hobby: the robots will do all the hard dirty work for the people. Mankind must use their resources for something more significant. – If you give people the opportunity to save their lives from routine operations at the expense of powerful robotic tools, things will change for the better. ”

    Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 17.29.20

    Robotics will evolve according to the scenario of the motor industry – said Vladimir Belyy. One hundred years ago, small workshops were assembling cars in small batches to fulfill individual orders for the fabulous price, until Henry Ford came up with how to turn the car into a commodity of mass consumption, which ultimately changed people’s life. Such changes robotic developers should make in the human life and on the market. Development of consumer robot Alphabot “Alpha Smart System” plans to complete in a few months in order to by the end of the year produce the first small party. Alphabot designed as modular. Components can vary depending on the functional load. Due to its versatility robot will eventually have to compete with todays robots such as vacuum cleaner, mowing lawns, and other specialized machines. Alphabot will have a light, agile, energy-saving, easy for humans design.

    Particular bet Vladimir Belyy makes on design, which has developed by himself, being advised by psychologists. “As Alphabot designed to serve human life, there are should be no aggressive features which are so fond of creators of fantastic movies. The robot must fit ergonomically into the interior and have the most friendly look. The fate of the robot in the coming years, Vladimir Belyy sees that way: the mass production of robots will reduce the cost, and in a few years they will settle permanently in the product category “premium class household appliances” … It is possible that over time the competition will force manufacturers to get away from monetization through the sale of customer robots – and they will give away robots for free.

    The company expects to produce “easy to change” software with which the user can add to one’s robot new skills on the part of work about the home. It is likely that when the market goes up, then our business will be selling “jobs” for the robots as separate applications that users can purchase and download at the online store as well as the service. Speaking of robotics, Mr. Belyy likes to refer to the well-known book, “Blue Ocean Strategy”, which in 2005 have published Chan Kim and Renee Moborn from international business school. The authors call for all the businesses to rush out of the “red ocean”, the inhabitants of which bleed in a fierce competition, to the “blue ocean” of new market niches and segments.

    Consumer robotics, according to Belyy’s statement, is now just a “blue ocean.” In the world of about a dozen projects with commercial perspectives. But not all the players in reality have results that they claim. There is a lot of self-PR in this area of business (as well as confidential information), but not enough investment. Anyway, the market is just being created, which gives a chance to even a small company like ours to claim 10-15% of the world market. Vladimir Belyy has engaged into robotics in the early 2000′s, along with his friend and previous business projects partner Permyakov Alexander, the owner of “Android Robots” (now called- “Android Technique”). By working with the company of his friend, Belyy has worked on a variety of areas: in marketing, sales, project management, event management, with the participation of robots (eg, fighting and dancing championships with anthropomorphic robots). The company supplied imported robots, and performed military contracts for research and development (starting with the first developments designed for ammunition disposal).

    Last circumstance imposed certain obligations. For example – when you create a robot to use components from Russian manufacturers. “There were other limitations associated with the State secret – remembers Vladimir Belyy. – But for me any kind of a “recognizance not to leave” were very uncomfortable. Besides, I always wanted to make robots for an open market, and not only of Russian components. Wind up with the fact that Mr. Belyy decided to found his own company and by the personal funds to start developing robots. However, a partnership with Alexander Permyakov he retained until now: “Alpha Smart System” favored by his distributor, and uses laboratory of “Android Techniques” in Magnitogorsk for collaboration. However, orders for parts and electronics for the robot Belyy plans to place in China, and headquarters would open in New York. It does not make sense for innovative companies to rely on the local market only, as well as producing all the components by itself. Vladimir Belyy did not hide the fact that the development of full-size anthropomorphic robots was unwittingly prompted by the Japanese.

    In 2006, in the “Android Robots”, when a delegation of the company went to Japan, with the idea of ​​an agreement with the corporation to lease Honda’s Asimo, in order to show this miracle of technology in Russia. Japanese robot was not given. The rejection was followed with something like: “Aborigines in Russia do not need robots!” – Says Belyy. – It was very disappointing. But it was a good motivation: we realized that it was a perfect time to make our own human-height anthropomorphic robot!”. Indeed, after that was built the Russian anthropomorphic robot AR-600 – during very short period of time. For Vladimir Belyy it was a good school project work and helped to formulate the principles of domestic robotic development: not to give in to the scale of problems. Robot development hampered not by the technical, but psychological barriers.

    “The Japanese are working on Asimo for 22 years now and have already spent more than $ 300 million, is it possible to repeat their results within nine months?” – exclaimed employees.
    “The tension reached its peak during the final assembly that had to be completed within two weeks, – says Vladimir Belyy.
    – This race is explained by the fact that we definitely wanted to show the robot to the President of the country – at the National Youth Innovation Convention in 2008. “We did it, and showed the robot and the president even shook hands. The fear of developer of the complex technical problems, according to Vladimir Belyy should be removed using the “decomposition” of large tasks into smaller ones. And sometimes do not even inform professionals about the ultimate goal of the task, not to plunge into a psychological dissonance. Because, for example, “the development of the computer vision” sounds complicated, and “controller which enables the camera to follow the user” is perceived as an elementary task. “This technique is very effective, – says Belyy. – Ultimately, everyone did their small, highly specified part, and generally it turned to a decent result”. However, the technical challenges that are currently facing the robotics, has another side – talented developers respond to them and appear to join. The backbone of the team “Alpha Smart Systems” is formed special way business “on the verge of fantasy” that constantly pulls like-minded enthusiasts willing to co-operate.


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  • An interview in ZILLION magazine.

    How many years will it take for robots to appear in our house and offices ? What business-projects are eagerly waiting for a robotic system with the functional analysis of humans behavior? Will robots deprive us of work? Before an exhibition Robotics Expo, which took place in Moscow on October 24-25, Zillion spoke with the CEO of robotics company Alpha Smart Systems Vladimir Belyy and executive partner Eugene Liebermann.

    Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 18.19.05

    What is Alpha Smart Systems?

    Vladimir Belyy : We have a few projects and I manage some of them, engaged in domestic venture capital. I am an ideologist of Alpha Smart Systems. Now we have founded a venture capital fund specializing in the field of robotics to invest in some projects at an international level. (Zillion: Alpha Robotics Venture Foundation.) it is not our intension to start making money here and now, we are highly interested in the development of the robotics market , particularly anthropomorphic . Robot – is a set of related and cross-platform technologies, so there are many directions : from the production of electro-mechanical components and software to the artificial intelligence. We are probably pioneers in this field, the first people who managed to set up such a fund. Dmitry Grishin’s fund is focused mainly on the creation of cheap single-function robots and software for them. Our foundation is focused on anthropomorphic robots and multi-functional platforms. So, we are planning to finance a variety of projects that can contribute in the development of professional robotics, not toys. Zillion: Dmitry Grishin – Co-founder , CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mail.Ru Group. The founder of the investment company Grishin Robotics.

    When the applicant can present his projects to your fund?

    Vladimir Belyy: We are now accepting applications . You’re probably the first person to receive information about the creation of this fund.

    Tell us about a robot AlphaBot? I know that psychologists took part in the process of creation.

    Vladimir Belyy: And not only that. There are plenty of people working in the robotics brunch: engineers, designers, psychologists , psychoanalysts , sociologists and experts who are studying the behavioral responses of human beings. We also encouraging physicians to take part in it, such as orthopedists and ophthalmologists. And there are other people who also contribute a lot: podiatrist and choreographer pose the robot, so that it went without falling, it should repeat human movements so that it does not scare others. There is such a thing as the effect of “sinister valley .” Zillion: The effect of ” sinister valley » (Uncanny Valley) – a hypothesis proposed in 1978 by a Japanese scientist Masahiro Mori . It is a robot or other object that looks or acting as a person (but not exactly like the real ), causes aversion and disgust and make an impression of a dead body moving. But people like looking at beautiful things. The robot, in fact, should show the best human qualities and  “learn” from the choreographers , orthopedists , dancers, in case of movements . And the programmers work with these all these people : they explain how the robot should move.

    What is AlphaBot?

    Vladimir Belyy : The idea of creation of AlphaBot appeared 2 years ago when I was working for a company that was engaged in android technology. Colleagues liked the idea , but the implementation of the case did not come then . So I decided to implement the project on their own, founded the company and began to create AlphaBot. I collaborated with psychologists and focus groups working out of its form factor, to make it attractive, likable at first sight. Then 3D- designers joined. And we are the engineers in the meantime developed a functional component – from electromechanical components to software.

    So there is the AlphaBot. At the moment, can anybody buy it?

    Vladimir Belyy : Yes, you can order it with no problems. However, it is pricey.

    Million euros, is not it?

    Vladimir Belyy: No, at this point, if a person orders a robot for yourself , it will cost about 100 000 euros. This will be a base model that can be mounted on almost any rail, a desk, a simple moving platform. This robot can be placed for information or a bar, put the open kitchen restaurant. It can perform a certain task: wipe and arrange the dishes, lay it out in the dishwasher, pour coffee, wipe the table. We are not only using our own experience, but also are eager to collect the different functions of the best companies in this field in a single platform or single robot. Negotiate with the companies that are already well- worked some functions, and they provide us with the software, and we adapt it to fit your controller or servo drives. Robot starts to work the software under the control of our system and carry out the functions over which long worked with large attachments experts of different companies.

    If you want the robot to perform some special functions, working in a particular business, then it will require a special program to be written?

    Vladimir Belyy: Now we create a unified platform similar to the AppStore, but for robots. When we buy a smartphone, it is almost empty, and then we purchase different applications to make it more functional. The same for robotics use: we buy the application, download, and can put the robot to new challenges. For clients such platform is already running: you can create a task for us according to the questionnaire, so we program a robot as our client prefers. In the future it will be possible to customize the robot, that is targeted to the customer, through a unified platform, and install the update.

    Vladimir Belyy: We now have a goal not only to make a robot but also a cross-platform environment where you can assemble the components of an AlphaBot and the copter AlphaDron or device with a specific functions, such as an exoskeleton. We also plan to run an online store where people can create any design , the form factor for your future robot – do some tuning. The idea of ​​the client will be implemented with help of 3D- printing. Man sends the file to the studio 3D- printing and later receives in the mail completing the form factor for the robot .

    When this store starts working?

    Vladimir Belyy: We are currently developing it, there is a company we  collaborate with in this area. Now you can go to our website and see the 3D- model of robot, you can scroll through it and see how it works. The principle is this: click on the description of the body, for example , and then use the tools to change the shape. Then press the button “Print Order ” – and it will be in the laboratory.

    How many owners of the robot AlphaBot are already in the world? in Russia?

    Eugene Liebermann:  We have several clients in Dubai, also there is a customer in California and China. In Moscow we also  have a couple of clients. Up to 20 so far. They are private customers and companies. Someone orders one robot, and someone several for hotels, shopping and business centers.

    Are robots ready to be used?

    Vladimir Belyy: Clients are waiting for their turn. Each robot is created for a certain period of time. We must understand that all the parts we order by ourselves around the world. Accordingly, each production has a certain place and aspects related to the specification. We do not buy accessories in the store, we work directly with the manufacturers. We send them the specifications, terms of reference, then we should stand in line and wait for the manufacture to make our product. And as soon as it produced, we start to build robots. After that they are going to the country, where they were purchased from. We have completely solved the problem with the customs, so there is no need to be engaged in transportation of  “unknown” device. Robots do not have the Russian customs classification, so we use the opportunity to build directly on the ground of order.

    And why it is such a problem to establish robot production in Russia?

    Vladimir Belyy: There is a huge problem with these technologies in Russia. There is no technological base at all. People say beautiful words and make huge promises. But we must understand that ultimately it is just words: what is being said to the media, almost never delivered. Unfortunately, now everything that people do is usually being done for public relations and popularity. Nobody wants to enrich the functional side and real technologies. It’s easier to buy a unit in Japan or in Israel, and to adapt it for your own aims. How can we, Russians, barely talk about how to commercialize robotics, if we are not producing even a single robot? Alpha Smart Systems and I, personally, do not  want continue talking and making the show go on. We want to help people.

    So what about robotics in Russia? Is it total failure?

    Vladimir Belyy: Perhaps not. We are lagging behind almost for 20 years until the production of the first android robots was started in Russia. Moreover, 70 % of the components was performed on the basis of the domestic, and I would not say that these parts are better or worse than abroad, – they are just more expensive, larger and designed for circumvention technology. It made ​​one of the Russian companies producing android robots. Is there any competition in the market of robots? Vladimir Belyy: No. There is no competition at all, actually. Each team carries out it’s tasks. Some companies specialized in space robotics and laboratory complexes for high schools. About Human Reader AlphaBot has an integrated system called the Human Reader.

    Tell us about it? How it can be applied in business?

    Vladimir Belyy: AlphaBot – is not just a robot, but a set of different technologies in one unit. Among them is the Human Reader – we have developed a technology based on machine vision. It is a system that analyzes human’s emotions, facial micro-reaction and  behavioral reactions. Human Reader used both as an option in AlphaBot and outside of the robot. It can be used in phones, computers , any devices which are equipped with the camera . Zillion: micro-saccades – active displacement look within from 1 to 50 minutes of arc arising when fixating an object. The system was initially “knows” what reactions are normal, and captures the reactions that occur after some provocation by the system. The word ” provocation” here refers questions or pictures shown to man. The technology we have created together with professional opticians , psychologists, psychoanalysts and profilers . They are part of our team or experts with whom we work constantly . Human Reader is easily installed on the robot : we tested the system on the AR -600, and has successfully conducted trials . And now here we decided to integrate it into AlphaBot and indeed in our system. The robot , equipped with a Human Reader, can detect deviant behavior , neuro-linguistic to scan , identify , with what attitude a person gives a command , and specify the command to complete understanding .

    The tasks for which a robot with Human Reader can be used in business and in public companies?

    Vladimir Belyy: Human Reader System is a robot and AlphaBot, but it is taken out and the scope of robotics. It is actually used in business: in HR, in the banking industry , the automobile industry . Very many areas where this system can be used in general. We are now taking steps to ensure that it became available to everyone as an app for your phone. The information that this system gives a man after analysis is only a guide , not an expert . That is a helper for people to complement existing systems , scoring , for example, if we talk about banking. If this is the direction of personnel , the Human Reader will automate processes and minimize the cost of additional negotiations , meetings with profilers , analysts and other staff specialists. Well, we can immediately check the veracity of the questionnaire and to understand whether the candidate coincides with a desired position or he just needed money urgently . Here there is no conflict? A person may actually need the money , so he will work hard – and quite suitable company.

    If we are talking about HR- robot with Human Reader, if he would automatically give negative ratings to people who are just worried ?

    Vladimir Belyy: There is no conflict , because the solution will still take a person specialist . If the applicant confirms its professional skills and the system “sees ” that he does not cheat the employer , in this case it does not coincide with a vacancy for some moments , but his eyes are burning and have a great desire to work , these people are employed . They quickly go up the career ladder and easy to learn , develop themselves and develop the company , gives the result. The human factor is much worse fires than automated assessment of the Human Reader or a robot with this system simply appreciate the physical manifestations of emotions that are described in profiling , for example. Do not technology assessment “bad” or “good.” As for the unrest in the interview , this problem is solved at the level of initial calibration : it is clear that for a person of stress – normal in this case . The system also recognizes the racial characteristics and takes into account their physical appearance , giving the results of the analysis. There is a certain correlation to existing interpretation. We have a database that is in the cloud storage – and the future is Windows Azure, – with a great description of the interpretation of any micro-reaction person. Now we are working with them , the database is constantly updated . After or during the interview the robot is connected to this database and retrieves the data that meant a fixed response to a question . The system displays a human interviewer information about what was happening with the candidate at some point . The robot with Human Reader – about the same thing , but is more efficient because it needs only as accurate as the team understand the person recognizing emotional or gesture.

    When it comes to a particular robot and human interaction , there is a common concern : the robot will not harm humans?

    Vladimir Belyy: There are a lot of robot sensors , sensors and other technologies that do not allow him to break himself and something in the environment. There are programs aimed at preventive measures : there are commands that the robot will never be able to perform , for example, damage to a living creature or kill a person . They will simply be ignored. The robot will repeat the phrase, ” Please, ask your team “, as one does not give the command that corresponds to the programmed function .

    Scopes AlphaBot Assume bought a robot : how to apply it in your business, what to do ?

    Vladimir White : Use AlphaBot currently possible in different directions. Higher education institutions – as a robotic platform for teaching undergraduate and graduate students. They can develop new algorithms and create functions that can then be commercialized in other directions. Can be used as a powerful information occasion to attract media attention and people to your business – there are many examples . You can put a robot in place of the Secretary , AlphaBot will bring coffee . You can use the robot as an interactive communication and service assistant at the mall : to entertain the kids or as a source of information on discounts in stores. In the future, the market trades and skills of the robots will be expanded and improved. Robots will replace the guest workers. In the hotel and restaurant industry robot can greet guests and escort them , helping to relate things in the room or taking orders. The same thing at airports. Now we are talking about how to equip robots rack passport control at international airports. This immediately lead the country to a new technological level in the eyes of people from all over the world, because the airports huge flow of people . Imagine that the first thing a person sees upon arrival – a robot that is innovative device , the progress and the absolute courtesy.

    We can hope that soon there will be AlphaBot at airports ?

    Vladimir Belyy: I dream about that, too . We , by the way , this idea prompted during normal communication. That is related to the areas of application , already come from ordinary people . Potential demand – huge, and there is a need for robots . I saw the research of the Head Hunter and  they figured out that 69 % of the 100 respondents needed a robot that would perform different functions at work. 28 percent , if I’m not mistaken , have wanted to stay mates with these robots , because it’s fun , cool and fun. The need for automation has long existed in various fields. About fears associated with robots There are certain fears associated with the development of robotics. For example: “If the robots now will begin to replace everything and everyone , then what to do to people? We and so overcrowding, hunger in the world , are expected to war over water , and on top of the robots take away jobs from people. ”

    What do you think of these common fears ?

    Vladimir Belyy: Who would not invent it just tools . There is no substitute something for something else . Man – so versatile organism . Mankind adapts to everything. When were the cars , the coachman went on strike because they thought that they had taken away the job. In the end, they just move on and cars have become taxi drivers. If the horse is necessary for a long time to grow , the assembly line can make the car just a few days . Moreover , this industry has given the work a huge number of people.

    But everyone is afraid that robots will “take away” jobs from people.

    Vladimir Belyy: No, it is the opposite. If we are talking about robots , it’s a huge area: IT , precision mechanics , electrical engineering , actuators , electronics , motors , batteries , design , software, marketing , service , and more. There is a need for human creativity , creativity, the power of thought. This means that there will be new specialty. There will be more people involved in intellectual work . The same uncle Bob , who used to be a regular mechanic, will now work with the programmer of the robot . Robotics – a whole infrastructure that requires the production of batteries , plastics , polymers, composite materials, microelectronics. You can take the production of one type of robots and under it to connect more than one hundred existing markets . Can you imagine? This is a new technology boom , the transition to the sixth technological structure . In Russia it is not at all. Russia now living in the ” remnants ” of the fourth technological structure , while other countries are already moving to the sixth . You asked if there is a problem with the robot in Russia . We generally do not see the problem: if we can not do it in Russia , we will do , where it’s easier , faster, cheaper and more efficient. At the same time we remain Russians and the world will celebrate the mind of our people. An important point: who spread fears associated with the robots ? When you start discussing this topic , immediately realize that the smoke there’s fire , someone for some reason this is necessary. And not out of good intentions : it is a business , money and power , not concern for the welfare of mankind. On the good of mankind essentially no one . Many think of themselves under the guise of a beautiful big words . We can see what’s going on redistribution of markets , we see what happens to the patent law – the courts instead of development. And another point . You say, ” Where will people do? ‘. The work of the people will not take away the robots , but the question is whether people want to work , rolling up his sleeves . Not everyone wants . See what jobs are now in the labor market : some managers and office workers . Almost no interest in such vacancies as a janitor , turner or fitter at the plant . Robots will not only provide jobs for many people, but also will help to solve global problems : for example, plant trees and shrubs Africa, feed hungry people , clean up radioactive waste piles , create a colony on Mars and the Moon. The robot is able to work in such an environment in which people are not physically able . And most importantly – for the biomorphic and anthropomorphic robots do not need to change the framework in which the person lives , because these devices can use the same equipment and natural materials that man About robot AlphaDron Cool.

    Tell us about other robots , which do you do?

    Vladimir Belyy: We are now promising project AlphaDron. This is a flying platform – octo-copter. On this site you can carry loads up to 30 kg . AlphaDron equipped with tracking equipment has the function of video recording and suspension with gyroscopic stabilization of a new level . We plan to use this design for filming , conservation, research and monitoring of air from low altitudes. About robotic education If we talk about education in the field of robotics : a lack of specialists or you bring your own “brains” / “hands” from abroad? Vladimir Belyy: As for the “brains” in Russia because of the particular climate all people with wit and creativity . Unconventional thinking is more developed in humans than in other countries. We partner with the local “brains” , they have enough , and they are high quality . Of course , you still have to retrain people : what is given in high schools , not enough to create such products.

    People learn by himself. In your opinion , from what high school out the most promising professionals to work in robotics ?

    Vladimir Belyy: We are working with the guys from Bauman , MISA , as well as architectural and design schools . With someone working remotely : the guys from Rostov, Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk and Novosibirsk, from Kiev and Prague, from Italy and the U.S. . We work with those who come to us to practice with those who learn in an internship . They want to gain knowledge and to do for us , then what is useful to improve the quality of robot or software. And if you like it, how the student or graduate , you can take on the job? Vladimir Belyy: Yes, and we usually do . Begin to interact with a person not as a trainee and as a team member and a member of the family. If a person performs certain tasks , it becomes a specialist and later taught the newcomers.

    What about the medical use of robots?

    Vladimir Belyy: We are planning through its cross-platform environment to help people with disabilities. Now we communicate with medical institutions that will use this technology for rehabilitation, spine correction . With the help of technologies like exoskeleton , many people will be able to walk again . We will deliver to rehabilitation centers exoskeletons new generation , with the cheapest in the world. The need for these technologies in medicine and rehabilitation is very high. We would also like to include people with disabilities in the work in the technological direction. They can participate directly , for example, work with office equipment and computers, we do some research. About the book, Vladimir Belyy: We ‘re writing a book about creating a new world with the help of personal robots.

    I hope she will be released soon?

    Eugene Liebermann: The idea is to set people free from useless routine. After all, it usually defies simple description or very logical or mechanical. Robotics will give the person to develop intellectually, and not spend your life on a daily monotonous execution of the same things.

    Vladimir Belyy: For example, to clear things up for themselves or do the dishes – it takes a lot of time and a distraction from personal development. Why would a man lugging heavy bags from the store ? It is not our task really is. It is possible to automate these processes and spend free time to communicate with your loved one , with the kids , a book or a movie. Now we all have cell phones, and in the future , each will have its own robot .

    Eugene Liebermann : Our goal – to carry out these technologies. We want to make personal robotics as accessible as possible – at the level of the personal computer , cell phone or a car. Vladimir Belyy: Even cheaper. Now the price is such because we are talking about an individual order in a single item : the customer orders a certain function , he comes up with something , plays an important role image factor .

    On trends in robotics What are the trends in robotics could you highlight?

    Vladimir Belyy: I believe that in the near future will be popular mono-functional robots that eventually cease to be a robot , and will simply consumer devices . For example, robotic vacuum cleaners, robotic lawn mowers, unmanned aerial vehicles , drones.

    And what place will be robots androids and bio-inspired robot?

    Vladimir Belyy: Next year the market opens with an anthropomorphic robot form factor. They will work in the field of security, disassemble the rubble , engage in rescue and security . I think that it is actively developed in the military sphere. We will try to make sure that we have it developed in the field of personal service robotics – a robot as a personal servant, as an assistant in the home and business tool . It can help you improve efficiency and make money. Sometimes the car park – and perhaps park robots that perform different functions.

    In your opinion, when the robots become available – at the cost of the machine?

    Vladimir Belyy: Well, two years later you can already buy a robot for the affordable price.

    Your prediction: when the androids and bio-inspired robots will massively enter into the daily life and business?

    Vladimir Belyy: I do not know about Russia, but around the world – in 2-3 years. Encouraged by what you say and do. Thank you for the interview. Glory robots!   Robotics Expo 2013 October 24-25 in Moscow in “Sokolniki” (Hall 4.1) there is an exhibition of robotics and advanced technology Robotics Expo 2013 . Official site of exhibition : Robot-Ex.Ru. On Robotics Expo 2013 will display many different types of robots and specializations : • Robots for business. • Commercial robots . • Tele-presence Robots . • Entertaining and educational robots . • Personal Robots. • Robots in health care. • Drones . The conference, which will take place in the Robotics Expo 2013 , speakers will talk about solving social problems with the help of robots , robots for the business and their main areas of application , research, humanoid robots and investments in robotics.

  • An interview in "Svobodnaya Pressa"- robotization of external threats. OUR COUNTRY RISKS to oversleep the third technological revolution.

    CEO of Alpha Smart Systems Vladimir Belyy confirms the prediction of the leading Western experts about upcoming revolution in robotics . First step would be to replace human electronic mechanisms for fully automated production. In principle, this process takes a long time. Just new devices become more multi-tasking and will have the ability to self-learning . Today tasks are performed on the hard algorithm , which contains the program . Companies have long used robotics in the production of microchips. However , the future for the devices that will be controlled by software , capable of self-learning . When based on concrete actions and correlation of the results obtained . In order to detect errors and inaccuracies . After that action is corrected . Such robots are beginning to emerge . They , in particular, have proven several theorems .

    “SP”: – How far advanced scientific thought in the creation of artificial intelligence ?

    – Very close . Already for 10 years of the program and the robots are tested under the ” Turing test .” It’s an experiment , when a person communicates serially with another person or with a computer ( program). Moment comes when the subject can not understand who is in front of him . Then he points out in response that people communicate with him . Hence, the ” Turing test ” is passed. Such programs already exist . More of them are in use. In virtual space network has been widely used so-called Chat – bots . These are programs that leave messages on Internet forums . There are times when they ” communicate” with each other. Assuming that communicate with a live person . That is, get answers , ask questions. For example , a year ago Chat – bots have found each other on Twitter or Facebook. So until now, and “communicate” , can not stop. Operators use these programs to make a popular online one or another public figure.

    “SP”: – It turns out that such programs today affect the mass consciousness ?

    – Without a doubt . And many public figures use it. If the “star” in subscribers over 30 thousand people , it mostly ” stranded ” users .

    “SP”: – Is Russia a global revolution in robotics ?

    – Our country has long lost this market . And it is unlikely we will be able to catch up. And that means we have to buy new devices in foreign markets. As for anthropomorphic bioengineering , then we still have the opportunity to jump on the bandwagon of the departing train. Although the latter was already moving up and starts to walk away from the platform . Our campaign has been Android- technique. We strive to attract the attention of senior officials. A movement has gone – Skolkovo started to carry out such activities . Ibid experts have developed a website dedicated to the future of robotics. The powers that be do not get scared when they appear at shows something similar. However, the research groups involved in this problem , very little. Immediately I called two or three teams.

    “SP”: – Our universities and academic institutions such studies have been carried out ?

    – I would not have argued so categorically . Those involved in the MSU and Baumanke and other universities . The same applies to the RAS institutes . The problem is that not enough specialists . The reason is simple – they are not in demand in Russia. Our company is actively seeking footage , we are ” combing ” almost all universities . Almost in specialized circles and sections of people try to discover . And if anyone find it necessary to retrain again. Virtually all government contracts in this area are concentrated in the ” defense industry .” And that, for the most part they are non-recurring . It’s more a PR campaign – to create an experimental model of a single copy for the next exhibition . Our officials clearly other challenges .

    “SP”: – In their eyes, robotics is still illiquid exotic ?

    – In general case, but , of course, some progress is still there. Today at you is not seen as a mad scientist , when you talk on the subject. On the background of the visible successes of Americans type humanoid robot ATLAS, PETMAN and BigDog ( robot dog for the U.S. military ) .

    Renowned writer and futurist writer Maxim Kalashnikov recalled that the process automation and robotics production was active in the Soviet Union . He was forcibly interrupted neoliberal revolution in 1991, which was a criminal- bureaucratic character. And our research and production complex due to man-made subsequent deindustrialization was discarded in this regard for many decades ago. Unfortunately, the process is largely irreversible.

    “SP”: – Your opponents argue that the backlog in this area there has been in the Soviet period .

    – It is a complete nonsense. In 1989, one in four domestic industrial robot was made in Moscow. At any electromechanical plant in the capital you would see robotic line. Of course , on the level of technology . Generally the first factory for the production of robots was opened in 1945 under Stalin . Now they are not made . But we buy imported equipment . Stories about the extensiveness and manual labor in Soviet industry is part of the liberal “black myth” of the USSR. It was necessary to justify the collapse of a great power.

    “SP”: – Is the efforts being made by our government in order to close the gap (now it does not matter when it happened) in the technological race ?

    – Medvedev may visit as many ” STANKIN ” but mass production has already been killed . Now we have to buy imported robots. Here the problem of technological sovereignty. Given that some of these devices can be blocked. Then do not understand how to allow foreign experts to maintenance of the equipment that runs on the MIC. Next there is another question , and that , in fact, we’re going to robotization ? In principle, after the neoliberal “cleansing” we could build a robot industry from scratch. It would be much more productive . This is especially true in light of demographic and labor shortages . But first, acute shortage of personnel , and secondly , the lack of an industrial base . Soviet specialists that you do not have the same collective ” Sleeping Beauty “, which for the time being numb in suspended animation . Many experts have either died or have moved disqualified in other areas .

    “SP”: – What is fraught situation if Russia remains one of the outsiders in the world market of robots ?

    – The consequences can be very unpredictable . Look at what scientists have achieved in the West. There already regenerated cornea with stem cells , there is a mass production robotics . However , in the western Russian companies are quite different. Establish joint venture for drilling and oil and gas. Everything revolves around the raw materials and hydrocarbons. For all 34 critical technologies we there has been a terrible lag. The USSR played with the United States ” in the same league .” Yes, we could keep a little something , but they were in the first division of Technology . Today, the Russian Federation , figuratively speaking , this ” neighborhood teams ” and we’re up against , ” Brazil’s national team .” Naturally, in the case of growth lag case can only end in the collapse of the country. Moreover, due to objective reasons . Our vast territory ” rastaschat ” purely economic , as in the era of energy-saving technologies raw lose its significance . Our geopolitical opponents will ” deserted ” flexible production. In parallel, the biotechnology revolution will occur . One of the consequences of which may be the emergence of long-lived caste rulers. Our elite for access to immortality itself will present Russia ” on a silver platter .”

    “SP”: – Would the emergence of such technologies to the implementation of the Social Darwinist scenarios?

    – Robotic plus revolution in nano and biotechnology , and the emergence of long-lived race of rulers may lead to a new caste society headed by Undying race. The main threat is that in the world , it is possible to be installed really Social – Darwinist , the caste system . And at the core of the capitalist system. In this situation, 80 % of the population will be “superfluous .” They are simply not needed.

    “SP”: – Is there a positive alternative to this technocratic dystopia ?

    – Only when you switch to the communist system . In which will be hard to thwart any attempts by the elite of society to establish its monopoly on the disposal of new technologies. It will also require to allocate huge resources to retrain people for their total education and the creation of entirely new fields of activity. If the current order , psychology elite , as well as an economic model , we arrive at the conclusion that many people will simply become “superfluous” . Turned into pariahs , which exist only by the grace of the ruler. However, as I have said , we should not demonize the new technologies – their implications depend on the general social and political context .