dddd Vladimir Belyy

CEO, chief ideologist and founder of Alpha Smart Systems, head and founder of the Alpha Robotics Venture Foundation.
Scientist, inventor, roboticist, Speaker.
Engaged into the development of start-ups in the recesses of the “blue oceans”  (new markets with no competition). With a team of like-minded people created Russia’s first anthropomorphic robot and introduced it to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. One of the top 250 CEO’s  of Russia by the rating of “General Manager” magazine. Winner of the British Invention Award for his contribution to science.
Double-entered the top 250 Directors General of Russia in rating of “General Manager” in 2012 and 2013. Is an expert on automated systems and anthropomorphic robots, as well as UAV

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 20.28.19Matyuhin Kirill
HW/SW engineer, robotics specialist.  NRNU MEPHI graduated. Alphadron Project Manager.

GvBP-39sT8wShanin Alexander

PR director, robotics and technical specialist.

1403148_1380450735538032_22652568_oNigel Ackland

Face of the company and evangelist of Alpha Smart Systems


Dr. Sk Song

Outstanding robotics professional with expertise in implementing enterprise management and IT system convergence. Strong theoretical understanding of ICT and robotics system technology. Ph. D. degree of robotics at KAIST. Awarded one of major Korean science grand prize and governmental prize Strong achievement, commitment and vision planning for service robot industry for 4 years


samvelSamuel Akopov
Representative of Alpha Smart Systems in the USA.


404063_371236096287752_943778336_nIlya Stepanov
Profiler, polygraph specialist, expert practitioners in the field of recognition of emotions and facial expressions, an expert in the field of operational psycho. Audits staff for top position employment. Inspects staff to identify theft and sliding schemes leaks. Training of employees and managers to recognize fraud, operational psycho-diagnostics.

391747_344470305645969_980781287_nButin Sergey
Psychotherapist, coach, coach.Lecturer in psychotherapy MAPS (St. Petersburg).

162615_140453679346444_7051135_nProydakov Edward
Senior Analyst, SW developer. Achievements: creation of the “Anglo-Russian Dictionary of Computer Science, Internet, and Programming”, the creation of the Virtual Computer Museum, razrab. architect-ry of computer and system software “Istra-4816″, the development of an emulator of the processor 8051, the development of microcomputer software for the family of CM-1810, the magazine concluded, “PC World” at the leading position in the 1992-1995 city, the withdrawal of “PC Week” in leaders computer press (1995-2005 gg.) razrab. “Concepts of Health electronization-pers.CMEA “(1989), advising a number of projects.Publications: over 900 articles in professionalism.ed., “English-Russian Dictionary of Computer Science, Internet, and Programming” (4 Russian and 2 Ukrainian edition) reports on research and development projects. Societies. Work: Director of Computer-Based Virtual Museum, National Award “for the development of Inform. technologies in Russia” (1998), Judge of the SS-3 SEV, a number of expert advice DG Armed Forces, Judge Institute of Contemporary Development, and other org., pers.Russian Union of Journalists and the Journalists’ Union in Moscow, the organizer of several scientific.seminars and conferences.

Technical Department


Artem Proskurin
Senior Software Developer, a specialist IT, graphic designer, photographer. Activities: ergonomics, electronics, design, logo design and interfaces. System analysis, the author developed a program for the development of abstract thinking.