Alpha Smart Systems welcomes new interns, professionals and fans of their work to join our team of developers !

We invite you to Internship – a form of post-graduate education, which is to improve the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of graduates of higher technical educational institutions to increase their readiness for independent professional practice in their chosen specialty

3D designers, programmers iOS, Android, web developers,  – please send your CV and contact us by mail

“Alpha Smart Systems” – is an intelligent integrator, the main difference consists in the ability to create complex high-tech and unique ICT solutions. These solutions – integrating its own innovative technology, third-party development of domestic and international ICT decision-producers.

Our company is a recognized participant in the development of intellectual potential, but above all, our company – it is like-minded people and experts, united by the idea, knowledge, team approach. It advocates the values ​​of corporate companies, such as intelligence, confidence, continuous improvement. Management of the company attaches great importance to the development of intellectual potential of the employees’ Alpha Smart Systems “, drawing on the work of top industry professionals and is constantly investing in the development of their competencies. If you share this approach, able to cope with complex and unique problems, to lead a team of top professionals in the ICT industry, to effectively interact with leading domestic and international companies and share our values, we invite you to become part of a team of professionals “Alpha Smart Systems” .