Thanks to the ability to integrate high-quality and innovative technology, the intellectual capital of our employees and modern methods of providing services in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence, today the “Alpha Smart Systems” is an international developer of orders and projects, contributing its expertise in the development of the global trend of robotics and artificial intelligence.


Created to be a human’s assistant it, or, probably, he is also meant to be a replacement of a person in household and industrial conditions. Alphabot is a smart robot capable of communication and face and objects recognition, which, in addition, makes him a friend.  Hiring Alphabot is a golden opportunity to reduce risks in the workplace and make costs of manufacturing much lower because of no need of training a robot or paying payroll taxes and other deductions. What is more, Alphabot is extremely attractive and handsome. “The great science fiction films worthy Design”, – that’s how magazines wrote about him.


 Automated intelligent recognition system of human emotions, psycho type and psycho-physical condition could be used in plenty of areas starting from car-driving and HR finishing with bank security systems.  What differs this system from others is that recognition system is based on analysis of movements of person’s pupils. The electronic system reads the facial reactions of the face and eyes of the applicant in completing the questionnaire and is a complete psychological profile based on the verbal and nonverbal information. What is really amazing, personal mobile device application for Windows Phone, iOS, Mac OS, Android let you  use Human Reader on entertainment purpose, for example for testing your friends or yourself. Through this system you will certainly know person’s abilities, interests and intentions.

Intelligent Detection System of the Driver’s Psycho-Physical Condition and Drowsiness.


A multi-purpose unmanned aerial platform based on octo-copter for aero-monitoring, aero-shooting of video/photo.


 Fund’s aim is creation, support and development of high-tech companies, helping them to get the access to the international market. To get the help from the fund the candidate should meet certain conditions. Company-applicant must have a working prototype and implement the initial financial transactions mass production. To date, Alpha Robotics Venture Fund obtains a capital of $ 250 million and keeps growing.  Unlike other funds, Alpha Robotics Fund is intended to make the long-term investments, rather than support only those projects that guarantee a quick profit. The purpose of the fund is to help companies that will shape the future market of robotics, in particular anthropomorphic segment.  In addition, the fund intends to support companies targeted mainly on the consumer and mass market.