Venture Financing Foundation for Robotics and developments in the area of Artificial Intelligence. Establishment and development of high-tech companies and strategies for the access to the international market. The Foundation conducts a careful selection of companies that have a prototype and provides financing of the beginning of serial production.


ALPHA ROBOTICS VENTURE FOUNDATION is an investment fund focused exclusively on real civil use technologies, Such as:

Alphabot – personal robot
AlphaDron and unmanned flying robots
Human Reader and intelligent systems of recognition of any kind
Anthropomorphic and Biomorphic robots
Artificial Intelligence developments
Mobile devises apps Eye tracking developments
Mechanics and electronics
Exoskeletons and technological assistance to disabled people

We Invest individually worldwide! 

Alpha Robotics Venture Foundation disposes a capital of  $250m and continues to grow.  Alpha Robotics Venture Foundation welcomes private companies, corporations and individual investors to join and together develop a new high-tech ecosystem.


Expert board consists of professionals in the relevant fields and continues to grow. The structure of Trustees is composed of private companies, public companies and business angels.